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Speaker at 2014 Digital Built Environment Conference
Audience at 2013 VANZI Conference

In 2014, the conference was re-named: Digital Built Environment (DBE) and was held in conjunction with BuildingSMART Australasia and the Spatial Industries Business Association (Qld).  It was opened by the Hon. Paul Fletcher, Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Communications who recognised the value of an official DBE.  It included Keynotes from Mark Bew, Chair of UK Government Building Information Modelling (BIM) Implementation Group.  Mr Bew stressed that the reason for the UK adopting BIM for all government works was simply cost savings (10-30%).  Dr Victor Khoo Deputy Director Land Survey Division Singapore Land Authority showed delegates how Singapore was moving to use its 3D Spatial Model of the City to co-ordinate activities across government and to explain its plans to the community.  Michael Haines, CEO of VANZI explained why the DBE must include 'Legal Object' models (along with Spatial and Building Models) - to determine rights of Access, Use and Trade in the DBE.  He also explained how creating a uniform Legal Framework could simplify administration and reduce cost, as well as protect privacy, enhance security and limit liability - where it is based on the simple principle: "Rights in the DBE = Rights in the Property it Models".

VANZI Conference & Expo 2013

This conference convened parties involved in the property cycle to hear about the Virtual Australia and New Zealand Initiative.

The conference brought together local, state and federal regulators, utilities, property owners and professionals who have an interest in every phase of the property cycle, as well as technology providers covering spatial and building modelling, simulation, optimisation, gaming and communications.

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