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CEO and Project Directors


Michael Haines



Chief Executive Officer

Michael has 40+ years of experience in a wide variety of senior management and consulting roles across a range of industries: government, telecommunications, brewing, construction, consumer goods, car manufacturing and transport and logistics covering a wide range of disciplines. While he has previously sat on the Board of the Australian Logistics Council and remains a member of Austroads Intelligent Transport Industry Reference Group, he was instrumental in establishing VANZI and his entire time in now devoted to the VANZ project.


Secretary, buildingSMART

Former CEO, Spatial Industries Business Association (Qld)



Peter Woodgate

Dr Peter


Bill Appelbe



Peter is CEO of the CRC for Spatial Information

​Peter is currently a Member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Digital Earth; Founding Chair of the Global Spatial Network; Board Member of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network; Board member of AUSCOPE; Board Member of the UNESCO World Heritage International Centre on Space Technologies for Natural and Cultural Heritage (HIST), China.

Ex-CEO – Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing, and now heading Canada's National Compute Canada Calcul High Performance Computer platform.

While we were sorry to lose Bill's expertise, we are glad to see it recognised on the global stage.  Congratulations Bill.​

Dr David Platt

Shared Services - Municpal Association of Victoria

John Mitchell



John is currently President of buildingSMART Australasia. He is the Principal of CQR Pty Ltd and Associate Professor in the Faculty of the Built Environment, University of NSW.

John is also the Chairman of the IAI Australia & New Zealand Chapter, as well as a Deputy Vice-Chairman of the International body of the IAI, the organisation that has developed an open standard – IFC - for sharing BIM (building information model) data.

John is also assisting the CRC for Construction Innovation and CSIRO on a number of commissions supporting IFC tools development, piloting of IFC applications and building associated projects.

Stuart Cole

Stuart Cole

​ - Telstra R&D Management
(Executive Director)

· Head of Commercialisation,
   Australian Telecom CRC

· Co-Founder, Australasian SME
   Alliance Ltd (not-for-profit)

· Significant technology based
   start-up company experience

· M&A and Venture Fund experience

Stuart has participated in the establishment, development, marketing and funding of a number of technology companies in various capacities, including as a consultant, adviser and board member.  Stuart has also worked in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region undertaking roles in large-scale energy, resources, and utility infrastructure development and financing.

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