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Founding Members

If you are interested in becoming a member contact Michael Haines, CEO of VANZI for a confidential discussion. 

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CRC for Spatial Information

... a government, industry and research joint venture ... using spatial technologies to solve complex problems of national significance ...

Dr Peter Woodgate, CEO


... established in 2005 to promote construction industry process improvements through improved collaboration tools.  These include Building Information Modelling technologies based on standards developed by International Alliance for Interoperability.

Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing

... operates a state of the art High Performance Computing facility with Software, Advanced Visualisation and Collaboration tools to support research and development, and has expertise across a broad range of sciences such as Engineering, Health, Life Sciences, Spatial Information and High Performance Computing.

National ICT of Australia

... pursues high-impact research excellence and, through application of this research, create national benefit and wealth for Australia. We aim to be one of the world’s top ICT research centres

Municipal Association of Victoria

...the legislated peak body for Victoria’s 79 councils. Our role is to advocate local government interests, build the capacity of councils, facilitate effective networks, initiate policy development and advice, support councillors and promote the role of local government

Australian SME Alliance Ltd

... the first truly SME focused association, ASMEA empower networking, knowledge and growth in SME's through events, advice, education and innovation.  We are thought leaders with a groundbreaking approach and technology advice to increase productivity, reduce  inefficiency and drive successful outcomes for SME’s.

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